Product and Compatibility

What material are your products made from and where are they manufactured?

MIZSEI Micro-bubble Showerheads are made out of chrome-plated ABS resin. Every manufacturing process takes place in our Japanese factories to ensure immaculate cleanliness and safety. Each part of the product is designed IN-HOUSE to allow for superior quality.

What is the GPM rating of the MIZSEI Micro-bubble Showerhead?

GPM (Gallons Per Minute) depends on the water pressure setting in your home. When the water pressure is set in between 14.5 Psi (0.1MPa) and 72.5 Psi (0.5MPa): The GPM for Shower Mode will range from 1.98GPM(7.52L/min) to 3.59GPM(13.6L/min). The GPM for Mist Mode at these pressures will range from 0.91GPM(3.48L/min) to 1.40GPM(5.3L/min).

What is the maximum working pressure and the maximum operating temperature?

Maximum Working Pressure: 0.5MPa Maximum Operating Temperature:140 ℉/60℃

How can I switch from a wall-mount "fixed" showerhead to the MIZSEI Micro-bubble Showerhead?

The MIZSEI Showerhead is easy to set up. Simply remove your existing showerhead and replace it with MIZSEI. No drills, plumbers, or bathroom reconstruction needed!

  • Remove existing a wall-mount showerhead -Screw on the bracket to the pipe
  • Attach the hose and the shower head.
Can I connect it to the showerhead hose I currently use?

Yes, as long as it is a standard U.S. size.


What is a Microbubble?

Micro-bubbles are tiny air-filled bubbles measuring less than 50 microns (.002”) and are generated by our advanced water-flow system. Since the size of our micro-bubbles is smaller than your pores, they can gently penetrate your skin for deep cleansing.

Why Shower with Microbubbles?

Mizsei Showerheads generate microbubbles that are smaller than your pores (less than 50 microns.) They also have a slight negative charge. This attracts positively charged molecules of sebum and other organic matter such as dirt, yeast and bacteria. The positively charged matter adheres to the negatively charged microbubbles, and is subsequently washed away. This allows for your skin to regenerate its natural oils for a healthy, smooth and balanced texture.

How do I know it's generating microbubbles?/ How can I see microbubble?

MIZSEI uses microbubble droplets that are ⅓ the size of your pores (not visible size). Because the bubble size is so tiny that will go into your pores, it gives you a deep clean throughout your entire body.

Why can't I see the microbubbles?/Are the bubbles really there?

Our Mizsei showerhead produces 9.6 billion bubbles and about 96% of them are nanobubbles with the rest being microbubbles (tested using Beckman Coulter's Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter). The microbubbles may be visible, however, the nanobubbles are not visible to the human eye.

Purchasing and shipping

Do you have a guarantee/warranty?

We stand behind every product we make! The MIZSEI Micro-Bubble Showerhead includes a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Any damage to genuine MIZSEI parts is covered by full replacement or repair. The warranty excludes any damages caused by product misuse or installation errors. If your showerhead breaks or is not working properly, contact us at info@mizseishower.com, and we will assist you immediately.

Where will the products be shipped from?

Our warehouse in California.

Cleaning and Maintenance

How do I remove the mineral build-up and keep the showerhead clean?
  1. Disconnect the showerhead from the hose.
  2. Soak the showerhead in hot water with baking soda and wait for 1-3 hours. (Mix 4 Cups of hot water with 1 TBSP of baking soda)
  3. Put the showerhead back onto the hose, and rinse out the remaining baking soda inside the showerhead.
  4. Gently rinse the surface of the showerhead with your hands.
  5. Use a cleaning brush to gently scrub the surface and remove build-up. *Toothbrush is recommended.
  6. Rinse the entire showerhead, and you're all set!
Still more questions or concerns?
Contact us at info@mizseishower.com anytime!