What’s the difference between the new model and the oldermodel?

  1. Shower Mode: While the water volume remains the same, the water pressure increases by 30%.
  2. Mist Mode: The mist nozzles have been slightly enlarged, resulting in a 40% increase in water volume and an 80% increase in water pressure.
  3. Mist Mode: The number of microbubbles has increased from 96 million to 150 million.
  4. Compliant with CA Energy Commission and state regulations. Equipped with a flow restrictor that can achieve a water flow of 1.8 GPM. It can be removed according to preference.

Our winning features

  • Microbubbles ⅓ of the size of your pores allow for deeper cleaning.
  • 920 million microbubbles per minute. (increased for mist mode!)
  • Covers 60% more surface area than standard showerheads.
  • 2 Spray Modes - Standard / Mist (microbubbles produced in both)
  • Easy, tool-free installation
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