What Are the Benefits of Showering in "Mist” Mode?

What Are the Benefits of Showering in "Mist” Mode?

If we were to explain the unique experience of showering with MIZSEI’s “Mist” mode (you can ask our customers too), we would say it’s like the entire body being enveloped in a fine mist. Instead of feeling like the waterfall is gushing on your face like when you shower with the most traditional showerhead, it feels more like a soft, gentle spray. 

This misty function is generated by our advanced technology turning the standard water flow into fine mist using consistent water pressure and temperature. No matter which mode you choose, you will be showered with microbubbles that are ⅓ of the size of your pores that gently burst on your skin, enhancing the long-lasting relaxation effect. 

Also, there are more benefits to showering in “Mist” mode than just the physical comfort and feeling extra rejuvenating! 

More Spray Coverage, Lasting Warmth

MIZSEI’s mist spray width covers a whopping 60% more surface area than a standard showerhead.  With more coverage, your body and hair would feel like you’re being enveloped in a silky, smooth layer of mist every time you take a shower. The larger coverage also ensures your body to stay warm during shower, leaving you with a long-lasting sense of warmth and rejuvenation. 

Water Never Felt So Soft Before! 

As you can see in the comparison in the video above, MIZSEI’s “Mist” function offers extremely lightweight, fog-like spray. This function turns the standard waterflow into a thin mist that feels extra refreshing and gentle, without sacrificing the water pressure. This mode is especially recommended when you’re washing sensitive areas like your face, areas with minor cuts, or when you simply want to enjoy the calming shower experience. 

Spa-Like Sensation 

The truly invigorating sensation of mist-like water is the unique experience of showering with MIZSEI. The gentle bursting of MIZSEI’s microbubbles on your skin feels like a full- body massage with a lasting relaxation. It’s like coming home to your at-home spa treatment after a long day. This gentle massaging effect also helps with blood flow, and maintain a higher body temperature for a longer period of time after getting out of the shower. 

Ready to experience the misty sensation? You can get your MIZSEI here, and see what other customers say about their experience! 

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