Try This Post-Workout Muscle Recovery Method

Try This Post-Workout Muscle Recovery Method

Today, we're sharing the benefits of Microbubbles that may come in handy for those who often struggle with tight muscles from workouts or hard physical labor - and stretching just isn't doing enough to prepare you for the next session. 

There are various ways in which microbubbles that contribute to post-workout muscle recovery by loosening your tight muscle spots and leaving your body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This muscle relaxation is attained by the gentle bursting of the microbubbles, creating a “massaging-effect,” that helps improve your blood circulation. By applying warm, gentle pressure with microbubbles, generated at a rate of 15 million bubbles per minute, your body will be exposed to healing heat every time you shower - revitalizing your body.

Showering with microbubbles also helps with the blood flow throughout your body. The improvement in your blood circulation also helps to keep your core body temperature warmer, and allow your body functions to flow better. This "heating-effect" could help people who suffer from cold extremities due to poor blood circulation, or constant tension in their joints and muscles. Also, it slows down the cooling process of your temperature after you shower, your body will remain warmer, longer, getting deeper rest at night. 

Additionally, microbubbles help to wash away sticky sweat and excessive oil even more thoroughly after the workout. MIZSEI's microbubbles gently penetrate deep into the scalp, effectively cleaning and moisturizing both scalp and hair, while removing excess oil and unwanted substances like leftover shampoo and conditioner residue. Microbubbles effortlessly reach hard-to-clean parts of your body like scalp and pores, and cleanse thoroughly without relying too much on harsh chemicals. 

Lastly but most importantly, microbubbles can be beneficial to the health of your mind too. Taking a breather in a shower room is an even more invigorating experience when you're being enveloped in 15 million microbubbles per second. MIZSEI's mist spray lets you feel like you're stepping into a steam room, offering you an at-home spa experience with silky smooth touch of microbubbles. 

We hope these unique microbubble benefits can help reset your body while maintaining the most relaxed state of mind throughout the day. 

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