Side by Side Comparison - MIZSEI Showerhead VS Standard Showerhead

Side by Side Comparison - MIZSEI Showerhead VS Standard Showerhead

You might be wondering why pay more for showerhead when there are more affordable options already? Or what are the benefits of switching to MIZSEI Showerhead? 

In order to answer these questions, we have tested, tried and compared our showerhead with one of the standard showerheads currently available in the market to clearly display the difference in their performance! 

Not to toot our own showerhead or anything, but Team Mizsei’s personal experiences have been positive and convincing enough to say we will not be going back to using a standard shower anytime soon. Let’s see what the real test says…

Comparison 1: Cleansing Performance 

One of the biggest reasons for switching to MIZSEI showerhead is its superior cleaning performance that cannot be replicated. MIZSEI’s gentle microbubbles that are ⅓ the size of your pores, penetrate deep into the skin, removing dirt, excess oil and dead skin. When you cleanse your face using MIZSEI, your skin does not just feel extra clean, but also remains moisturized as the microbubbles promote healthier skin renewal. 

Comparison 2: Body Heat Retention

As you can see above, your body temperature remains higher for a longer period of time even after showering with MIZSEI. This heating-effect is generated by microbubbles gently bursting and “massaging” your body. This special effect promotes better blood circulation, allowing higher core body temperature, relaxation and ease of movement for muscles. As you continue to shower with MIZSEI for at least 2 weeks, your muscle tensions will start to feel more relaxed, and longer body heat retention after showering. Hard to believe? Test it out for yourself for 30 days, if you don’t see the result, we will guarantee your money back!

Comparison 3: Water Usage

MIZSEI Showerhead is not only a conscious choice for your body, but for our planet too! Our advanced microbubble technology gives you more coverage, more heat, and a consistent water pressure using 30% less water. By switching to our showerhead, MIZSEI helps you significantly reduce your environmental impact by saving up to 6,800 gallons per year and an annual energy bill of up to $200 per household. Even that difference alone is a reason to switch your showerhead!

Comparison 4: MIZSEI “Mist Mode” Vs Standard Showerhead

One another huge difference you will literally feel when showering with MIZSEI is the “Mist” mode spray function. As you can see in the comparison in the video above, “Mist” function offers extremely lightweight, fog-like spray. This function turns the standard waterflow into a thin mist that feels extra refreshing and gentle, without sacrificing the water pressure. This mode is especially recommended when you’re washing sensitive areas like your face, areas with minor cuts, or when you simply want to enjoy the calming shower experience. The “Mist” mode lets you feel like you’re hopping into a relaxing mist room – with the convenience of being at home. 

Curious to test it out for yourself? You can get your MIZSEI here, and see what other customers say about their experience!

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