How Microbubbles Keep You Warm

How Microbubbles Keep You Warm

Happy Fall, everyone! Did you guys feel that crisp air at night?

Now it’s even more essential to keep yourself warm and energized for your body to remain healthy throughout the chilly season. 

MIZSEI showerhead is designed to do JUST THAT. 

What is “Heating-Effect”? 

920 million tiny bubbles are generated per minute when you shower with MIZSEI - mist mode. When the bubbles envelop you and gently burst on your skin, you will feel a long-lasting warming sensation that remains even after showering.

Who Do We Recommend It To? 

This “heating-effect” could help people who suffer from cold extremities due to poor blood circulation, or constant tension in their joints and muscles. 

By applying warm, gentle pressure with microbubbles, your body will experience relaxing, healing heat that helps improve your blood flow.

Additionally, the healthy, younger children and adults could benefit from this too! 

Do you ever find yourself saying to your kids -  “keep yourself warm after bath or else you will catch a cold!” ? This is a reasonable concern as the hot shower could temporarily increase your body temperature,  followed by a rapid cooling which drops your core temperature after 60-90 minutes of showering. Showering with microbubbles could help slow down this cooling process as the “heating-effect” continues to to last even after you get out of the shower. 

It Really DOES Work! 

As you can see in the diagram below, MIZSEI showerhead maintains your body temperature higher for a longer period of time than other leading shower heads. 

You could see the clear difference in the temperature of your hands immediately after shower and with the lingering heating effect even after 5 minutes. 

Whether you’re struggling to stay warm before bed or need an extra relaxation from the heat, showering with MIZSEI microbubbles is the simple solution to keeping your body warm from your core. Test it out for yourself! 



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