Every Drop Makes a Big Impact!

Every Drop Makes a Big Impact!

Did you know that showering represents nearly 17 percent of annual residential indoor water use in the United States? With 40 states in the U.S. currently experiencing some forms of droughts, Water conservation is becoming absolutely essential as our planet heats up and a growing population demands more and more water. And on a more personal level, if you pay for metered water and heating your water, choosing water-saving showerheads could make a big difference in your long-term finances. 

Today, we would like to share how choosing MIZSEI as showerheads could help you be more mindful to the planet, and get something in return for yourself! 

Our advanced microbubble technology gives you more coverage, more heat, and a consistent water pressure using 30% less water than standard showerheads.

Have you ever tried pinching your garden hose to get stronger spray and to reach broader areas? We implemented a similarly effective process called “hydrodynamic cavitation” where the waterway gets pinched to apply pressure at a single spot, accelerating water pressure and generating high-energy microbubbles that burst upon contact. With less amount of water, your body will experience a satisfying amount of pressure that feels like a gentle massaging. 

Additionally to its pressure-accelerating feature, MIZEI Microbubble Showerhead in Chrome and Black are designed with a water-saving button where you can pause the water flow while you lather up, shampoo or shave in order to reduce unnecessary water usage. It’s also useful when you’re giving baths to your children and pets when you need an easy on-and-off control on the shower handle.

With these two unique water-saving features, MIZSEI helps you significantly reduce your environmental impact by saving up to 6,800 gallons per year and an annual energy bill of up to $200 per household. Even that difference alone is a reason to switch your showerhead to MIZSEI

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