About MIZSEI - Where Water and Life Connect

About MIZSEI - Where Water and Life Connect

With the overflowing amount of products sold on e-commerce, it becomes challenging to distinguish what “high-quality” actually means. 

Today, we would like to give you a tour of our facilities in Japan - where every part of MIZSEI is thoughtfully designed, assembled,  and inspected to bring you the superior quality directly to your door. 

Here’s the little background of our company..we were established in 1954, and our factories are nestled within the mountains of Gifu, Japan, a region known as the birthplace of pure water. For the last 60 years, we have been committed to offering products that reflect our mission; to enhance your everyday with the region’s pure water tradition through water supply products that offer you cleaner, healthier, more purified water. 

Now how do we make this a reality? We have built a foundation that allows us to manufacture high quality products without charging our customers the “extra” amount.

1. We manufacture EVERY PART of MIZSEI showerheads in our factory. 

From casting to polishing to plating, every manufacturing process is performed by our highly skilled technician at the company owned facilities in Gifu, Japan. Our facilities offer the most advanced machines installed to lay out and fabricate the highest quality plastic products and plastic that are durable against water damage. By producing every part in our own facilities, we are able to quality control under our own supervision. 

2. We got 60 years of continuous innovation under our belt. 

Since the founding of the company in 1954, we have committed ourselves to manufacturing all types of water supplies for kitchen, bath and garden. With the knowledge we have gained over the years combined with customer feedback, we have developed Microbubble Showerhead, a showerhead that cleanses your body and hair effectively, while reducing water usage by 30%. 

3. We make sure to test and inspect every finished product with care before delivery. 

Every MIZSEI showerhead is assembled by hand, and inspected carefully by our trusted employees to ensure quality assurance before the products arrive at your doorstep. We constantly strive to make the process more efficient to deliver the products in a timely manner and cut unnecessary costs. 

4. The health of the work environment always come first.  

Our focus is not just about manufacturing quality products, but the quality of the working condition of our employees. Our facilities are well-organized in order to provide ethical hours, wages, and a clean and comfortable environment for everyone who is involved in MIZSEI. We also make sure every station is kept with sanitary guidelines where the workers are required to sanitize their station throughout their assembly process.

Most importantly, we are passionate about providing you with life-enhancing water products. We hold high standards to all aspects of our development process from conceptualizing, production to logistics to bring comfort and well-being to our customers with durable and purifying water accessories. 

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