The Matte Black - Now Available for Pre-Order on Indiegogo!

The Matte Black - Now Available for Pre-Order on Indiegogo!

Introducing Japan’s Revolutionary Microbubble Shower in Matte Black!

Using the same coating technique used in fine auto-painting, this is as sleek as the showerhead can get. Integrated with Microbubble technology, we bring you the shower connoisseurs's dream come reality. The Matte Black showerhead will fit right into your well-polished bathroom with a quick and easy installation.

All parts of the MIZSEI showerhead are manufactured in our factories in Japan, offering you an uncompromising quality that's designed to last. 

While the color has been upgraded, the uncompromising quality remains the same. 

Like our original Chrome model, Matte Black showerheads are designed to generate microbubbles, 1/3 of the size of your pores, that reach deeper into your pores to pull out dirt and oil, leaving you feeling clean and fully rejuvenated every time. 

The gentle bursting of MIZSEI’s microbubbles on your skin offers you a "massaging-effect" that helps improve blood circulation and loosen up the tight muscle spots post-workout sessions. 

 Our Winning Features Include: 

  • Microbubbles ⅓ of the size of your pores allow for deeper cleaning. 
  • 920 million microbubbles per minute. 
  • Saves over 68,00 gallons of water per year. 
  • Saves up to $200 in utility bills per year. 
  • Covers 60% more surface area than standard showerheads. 
  • Easy installation.

You can read more about microbubble benefits in our previous blog.

But wait, there's more.

Switch it to "Mist" mode to discover the next-level sensation that feels like the entire body being enveloped in a fine mist. "Mist" mode offers you a silky, gentle spray that feels like a calming spa experience while the microbubbles gently cleanse your pores and massage your body. Majority of our customers rave about the "Mist"mode for its ability to help you "cool down" and lets your mind feel at ease - like taking a shower in the steam room. It's a relaxing treat after a challenging workout or a long and stressful day at work - because who doesn't deserve that? 

To celebrate our new launch, we are now offering a New Matte Black Launch Special Price of $219 - a HUGE 35% Off from retail price ($339).

This special offer ends won't last long! Head over to our Indiegogo Campaign and get your Matte Black today. 


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